Real vs Right


Happy Tuesday Vibers and followers of this blog. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve shared with you guys but I’m back!

I want to talk to you about a lesson I learned some time ago and that is the difference between being right and being real. See a lot of folks live their entire life trying to be right. They wish to dot every i and cross every t but it doesn’t quite work like that. They bury their fears, failures, true desires, and motives aka who they really are in lieu of being right. The reality is if you are like that you inevitably put yourself in a hypocritical place. Yes, if you are more concerned with being right then you are being real – you are a hypocrite by default.

It takes a lot of character to chose real over right at times, as I type this I have the imagery in my head of the parent standing over the child asking him a question and the child knows full well that the real answer will get him in deep trouble, but the right answer will smooth things over. He has to, in a matter of milliseconds decide to be real or to be right. Chances are if you are reading this blog you are far removed from the place of being called to the carpet by your parents, but we face situations everyday where we have to choose between real or right.

I want to encourage you today to examine yourself, have you been so determined to be right that you have forsaken what’s real? If that is you ask God to show you your heart and reveal to you the self-deceit that allows you to be that way.

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