The Church – We Are Family


It’s hump day! At least it is for those of you on a traditional 5 day work week.

There are certain key events that have taken place within the proverbial 4 walls of the church at large that make me wonder how we rate with the outsiders that are looking in. I want to discuss two of those key events: Erica Campbell’s new song, “iLuhGod and Creflo Dollar’s request that ministry donors assist him in purchasing a 65 million dollar jet. Both of these instances garnered national attention even to the point that certain secular media outlets reported on it. The issue is for me is that it wasn’t the world that was bringing accusation against the church it was the church that was bringing accusation against the church.

It reminds me of when I was younger and my parents would adamantly tell me to make sure I don’t share family business with outsiders. It was known that you don’t let folk in your family business because it could easily be misinterpreted and cast the family into a false light. When you love your family you are more than likely going to be more forgiving and understanding with them vs. someone on the outside who doesn’t know them quite like you do. When you are with family, you loose certain inhibitions and you are free to be yourself in a way that you probably won’t be with strangers.

The question I pose is why can’t we be like this as a family- a part of the Body of Christ? Why are we so quick to air out our “families” dirty laundry where all can see? This blog isn’t about the right or wrong of Erica Campbell and Creflo Dollar, but it is about protecting and covering each other just as families are suppose to. For too long we have given the world ammunition to shoot us with. It’s time to start uplifting each other, and covering each other, so that we can keep our witness and draw ALL men unto HIM!

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