Beware of the Peak


I have a couple of questions for you today – is there such thing as the top? Is there such thing as someone arriving? Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself, “they’ve made it”. If you have answered yes to any of these questions I hate to bust your bubble, but the only real thing about the top is that it is not. In other words there in no such thing as the proverbial top.

Life continues to move from phase to phase. Once you learn a lesson, you put yourself in the position of learning another lesson. We will never stop learning and never stop growing until the “moment” we die. I put emphasis on moment because I believe that we will be learning something up until we take our last breath.

Let me leave this thought with you today to meditate on. “Beware of the peak” – I’ve seen great men get to a certain stature in peak out. They stop pushing for the next level and their only focus is on maintaining where they’re at. This is such a travesty because the longer you become content with your present situation the more irrelevant you become to those connected to you and around you.

If you have this idea that you are going to get a certain amount of money, or when you get that certain kind of job that you’ll stop having to push so hard, then you are already setting yourself up for a great failure. Make up in your mind that no matter where life takes you that you will always push yourself beyond your limits, and that once you obtain you’ll search for more.

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