Breaking the Routine

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It is Monday and by the time you read this blog chances are you have probably done one or two things that solidify your normal Monday routine. Yes your routine, that thing that reassures your normalcy – that cup of coffee, watching the local news station, morning exercise – whatever it is that you do regularly. By now I hope you have identified what your routine is because I want you to break it!

Befitting that this is the first day of the work week, I want to challenge you today to do something out of the norm – take a different route to work, sit on the other side of the break room today, do something that signifies a breaking from the norm. Psychologically it exercises the brain because you have broke what it is use to. Deeper than that, it should be symbolic of your life and what is coming next. You should be expecting the unexpected. A lot of times we block God’s blessings because we are only looking for God to move in that one or two ways we think he should move not knowing that God not only has many ways, but he can create many more ways.

I want to challenge you today to break the cycle, first do it in your routine and watch that simple act flow through the rest of your life.

Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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