Healthy Relationships


This is the final blog on heath week, we’ve talked about laughter, eating right, today I want to end with the importance of healthy relationship.

It is easy to feel isolated when life is challenging and you are struggling with stressful situations in your life. During times like these, we tend to withdraw from socializing with people and stay by ourselves, away from others. But this is exactly the time when you need friends by your side!! Having meaningful, sharing, healthy relationships help you maintain a positive outlook and helps you stave off feelings of depression, anxiety and anger. Sharing your feelings, concerns, hopes and challenges with others help you stay connected and helps you maintain a healthy level of healthy support and camaraderie. Having other people involved in your life when things are challenging helps provide you with alternative points of view that can help in objective decision making when you may feel that making any decision is too difficult. Friends are an essential part of life.

How do you build and maintain healthy relationships?

  1. Show Respect for Each Other’s Values and Points of View.
  2. Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions.
  3. Let Go of Unhealthy Relationships.

I have really enjoyed this week with you. Your body is your temple,(1 Cor.  6:19) I pray that you have been motivated to make life altering decisions for the better after this week!

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