5 Reasons Why Monday are Actual Good Days


Happy Monday Everyone! Yes I said Happy Monday 🙂

If you are like me, you really want to chunk Monday’s in the trash sometimes. Today I wanted to start the week off light with 5 reasons why Monday’s are GREAT!

1. It’s a fresh start and therefore, a chance to move onto something new and make it EVEN better than last week.

2. The commute to work. Yes, really. It’s time to yourself which can (usually) be had on the train, metro, tram or bus. This is something you might not have had a lot of over the weekend.

3. Monday morning meetings… being productive will always make a day more worthwhile and meetings focused on achievements will create exactly that feeling.

4. Reconnections. There are some relationships built on your job that you’ve grown to love. It’s always fun catching up with each other on how the weekend went or didn’t.

5. It’s another day to be alive. Yes it’s Monday, but the only reason we know it is because we are still living!

Enjoy your Monday folks!

Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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