Never Stop Learning


Happy Thursday I’m still at the #ARC15 conference.

No matter how far you get in life, you need to always be in a position of learning. I’ve seen great people cap out after obtaining a particular goal, the reason why is they stopped learning. They inundated themselves in what they already knew, but never searched for the new. It’s the tragedy of great men throughout history. Wise men dedicate themselves to becoming life long learners. This means that up until the moment they take their last breath, they will commit to learning.

I met a lady who specialized in consulting with baby boomers who wanted to become an entrepreneur after retirement. She observed that most baby boomers became terminally ill after they retired. They didn’t realize that being on a job, having to learn new skills, kept them not on mentally astute, but physically healthy.

I have made a personal commitment to never make that mistake. It is my goal to push myself beyond my own limits, and shortly thereafter do it all over again.

Mahatma Gandhi says it best  – “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Here is today’s challenge, maybe you were in school but you dropped out. Maybe you use to be an avid reader, but time has not allowed you to do so anymore. I want to challenge you to put yourself into a learning posture again, even if that means spending more time with an older wiser person or a mentor.

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