YOU – Are Your Biggest Supporter


Even more fickle then life is PEOPLE. Some days they are for you, other days they are against you. Remember Peter in the bible? He very adamantly replied to the Lord that he will not deny him, as Jesus was preparing them for his death. He was even the brave one, that drew his sword and cut the soldiers ear off as they reached to apprehend Jesus. It was also that same Peter who denied Jesus 3 times on the exact same night.

We often give people too much of our power, no one person’s words, money, support, love or the lack thereof should make or break your strive to your purpose. We are so empty, that we live for the validation of man, even if we know that means the risk of being hurt or mistreated. This is a vicious cycle that we continually fall into time after time.

What you should focus on doing is learning to give to yourself what you would need and desire from others. No one, and I mean no one, can lift you up like you can.

Are you void of support and validation? Look in the mirror and give it to yourself. Void of Love? Love yourself! This will create a healing and a wholeness that will transmigrate to every part of your life. You will then start attracting people to you, that don’t want your power, but instead want to assist you in empowering yourself!

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