The Beginnings of a Vision


How many of us desire more- whether it be more time, more energy, more income?  At some point we all desired something greater than what we already have.

But how do we get to the next level?  How do we obtain more?

It all begins with hope.

1 Chronicles 29:15

“We are all aliens and strangers in your sight, as were all our forefathers.  Our days on earth are like a shadow, without hope.”

Everything begins with a vision.  In history most revolutions were started based on just that.  The founding fathers of the US, along with their predecessors, all envisioned a country with a platform for the voice of the people to be heard.  And without their desire for they believed would be a better life who knows how much longer they would remain under policies that they didn’t approve of.

You see- hope is the fuel to our destination, to our faith.  Our desire for what we want to happen, ignites our belief for what will happen. That job, that family, that lifestyle that you desire all begins with hope. 

It’s time to get over the complacency hump, & get creative.  Whatever vision you have, develop it, & increase your desire to fulfill it!

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