Love: It Comes With a Price


Does anyone else remember Mary Poppins from their younger years? She would sing this song “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”…  That’s one of the comparisons that comes to mind when it comes to love.  Love is the ultimate remedy for many issues this day and age, and it comes in four different forms- apage (brotherly love), phileo (platonic love), storge (family love), & eros (romantic love). 

What each of these forms have in common is that they all come with a price.  Even though love isn’t a tangible item, it isn’t free.  Let’s count the costs:

Patience:  It can’t always be “my way or the highway”. Go with the flow versus being in control.

Kindness:  Show people that you care, & be attentive. The world needs more of this.

Jealousy:  Be happy for people & their opportunities. Show support rather than envy!

Boastfulness:  Less is more.  Lower your pride & show more modesty. 

Ego: It can’t always “be about you”.  Show concern & interest in other people’s livelihood.

Temper:  Increase the peace! Spend less time being angry & more time being joyful.

“A spoonful a sugar” comes with a price.  God is that spoonful.  His medicine is & will always be love, and it comes with a price- sacrifice.  A sacrifice of all those listed above.  Just as medicine doesn’t always tastes good sacrifice doesn’t always feel good, but in the end, it all makes you a better person.

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