Time: Could You Spare Some?


Life can become extremely busy.  Between work, church, children, school, their extracurricular activities, and spending time with friends & family…Time really flies!  It’s so easy to be consumed by your daily routine.  But how much time to you really spend with The Lord?

I Chronicles 16:11

“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!”

“Well when is a good time to spend time with the Lord?”  You know, I am so glad that you asked that question.  Let me give you a few places:

The Bathroom:  When you first wake up that’s normally the first place anyone goes, & one of the few places that you can actually be alone. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or on the porcelain throne- talk him. You aren’t going anywhere!

The Ride to school or work:  This the best time to pump your Hillsong, your Tye Tribbett albums. Or- just talk to him. Release any & all concerns of your day, & then begin to follow up with positive thoughts.

Your Lunch Break:  Flip that sign on your office door, turn the blinds, & relax. This is one of the best times during the day to hit the reset button.  And if you don’t have an office- your car or a space where you can isolate yourself will do.

So even if it’s for a short amount of time, reach out to the Lord each & every day and see how much more peaceful your day will be.  5 minutes a day is better than 30 mins once a week, & if you’re feeling bold increase the amount moments that you spend with him, as well as the amount of time.

Build your consistency!

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