Time to Tithe Pt I: Know Your “Why”

Why Tithe

Let’s be honest, half of us probably get an attitude when we hear the word “tithe”.  “Why do I need to tithe when I have bills to pay?”  “All churches want these days is my money.”  I can’t say that there’s no truth to that, but the enemy is good at what he does.  I mean he’s been doing it long enough- right?  Using doubt & fear/ paired with a little of truth & a whole lot of lies.  But let’s step out of defense mode for a minute & think about the benefits of why you should tithe.

Insurance:  When something bad happens- i.e.- an illness or a bad car accident- you have this thing called insurance, and every month you pay a premium to help you cover the costs.  Well in the same way, tithing is just that- insurance, and Luke 6:38 is a good example of just that.

Loaning vs Owing:  At some point in our lives we lend from the bank. But how great would it be for us to be the lender rather than the debtor?  

God is Our Provider:  Nothing that we do is off our own strength alone.  Tithing is a good way to remind us that God, ultimately, provides for us.  And not only will he provide for us, but through us he will provide for others, as well. II Corinthians 19:17 

Blessings:  Not only does God provide for us, but he’s is in the blessing business, too…and who doesn’t want to be blessed?!  And yes, God is a god of grace & favor, but sometimes he tests us as we see in Malachi 3:10-12.

Many of us are facing economic challenges, but as you can see there are so many benefits when it comes to giving- way more than what I’ve even mentioned…If you want something that you’ve never had before, sometimes you have to do things that you’ve never done.  Work hard? absolutely.  But work smart, as well.  God is a resource; if you’re wise you’ll use him.

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