Time of the Tithe Pt IV: The Tenth

The Tenth

In this week’s discussion of tithing we’ve discussed why we should tithe, how we should tithe, & the benefits of tithing. I wanted to end this week on the idea of what we should tithe…The Oxford Dictionary defines a tithe as “one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church & clergy”. The Old Testament makes plenty of references to “the tenth”- from livestock, to produce, to land.  How ironic is it that man’s definition & God’s definition are in alignment with one another.

These are a few “tenths” to consider, when it comes tithes:

Income: Say you have 10 apples, & your dad asks for 1.  You then get 20 oranges, & your dad asks for 2. You then get 30 bananas, & your dad asks for 3.  So- out of 60 pieces of fruit your dad only receives 6 pieces, which leaves you with 55 pieces for yourself….The same concept applies to your money…All God asks of is one-tenth, leaving you with nine-tenths to do whatever you need to do/ want to do…and notice in the analogy that because you gave your father the tenth, the quantity of fruit increased. 

Time: There are 168 hours in a week & 24 hours in a day.  How much time should you spend with God?  Well, take one-tenth of that, & there’s your answer.  Within a week you should be spending 2.4 hours a day/ 16.8 hours a week strengthening your relationship with Him. How you can achieve it is by these 2 words:

Doing. Church.

And what I mean by that isn’t necessarily referring to an infrastructure.  While certainly it’s good to be connected to a church because it can definitely help facilitate the use of your time, but that’s not what church is…When God mentions church, he’s referring to the body of Christ.  And just as I Cor. 12:12 refers to the different functions of its members- one way to give time to God is through….

Using your talents: Whether you sing, dance, play an instrument, or even act- you can put those talents to good use.  Join a choir, a praise team, play in a band, or even act in plays.  You never know who’s life you could affect for the better. Let God use you!

Prayer: (Matt. 6:6Oh the power of prayer…When’s the last time you’ve stepped into your prayer closet? I mean really had a good conversation & left your heart exposed?…Can’t remember? Well I bet you can remember the last time you ate a good meal.  You could probably name everything on that plate.  But “man cannot live on bread alone…” (Matt. 4:4),   The amount of times per day that you fuel your body should be equivalent to the amount of times that you fuel your spirit.

One-tenth… Think about it. That’s all that He asks of us. Not one-half, not two-thirds…One-tenth…At the beginning of next week, I challenge you to devote 2.4 hours per day to “doing church”.  Extend your prayer time, your praise & worship, attend an extra church service or event, or even get involved in your community (whether it be your church, or not another outlet), & see what happens. 

Time is ticking.

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