10 Reasons to go to Church


1. You will have the opportunity to worship God with others fellow believers.

2. Some of life’s toughest questions are answered while the preacher is preaching. (Don’t worry I don’t know all your business, I was just inspired to say what I said)

3. The opportunity to foster relationships. (There is a community that is built within the local church that is likened unto real family.)

4. The seats are filled. (Contrary to popular belief, us pastors don’t like preaching to empty seats)

5. It’s a great place to meet your potential life partner (Now don’t get me wrong the church isn’t ChristianMingle.com, but the potential of you finding someone that is compatible to your lifestyle is pretty high.)

6. It helps reinforce the values and principles you teach your kids at home.

7. It’s like a gas station (without the spiking prices) it fills you up and give you fuel for the journey.

8. It can help you develop personal leadership. (in other words we have some open volunteer positions that need to be filled 🙂  )

9. It strengthens commitment (You only have 2 days out of the weekend, and one is for church, that takes a LOT of commitment)

10. It honors God. (No caption needed)

List one of your top reasons for going to church below. I would love to hear from you!

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