10 Reasons why Mentorship is important


  1. Wisdom – There is so much guidance you can get from your mentor, sound guidance that is. It’s one thing for Uncle Joe to tell you how to do it (which he seemingly has advice on “everything”, but it’s another thing for someone who has the experience in a specific area to give you advice.)
  1. Hindsight/Foresight/Insight – A good mentor has been there done that. They know that it isn’t as bad as it seems, or though it glistens gracefully it’s really not good for you right now. Their insight is tried and true and can keep you from wasting time and energy.
  1. Makes you Better – Being that your mentor is more skilled than you. Working beside them will cause you to improve automatically. Having a mentor almost forces you to have to set the bar higher than you normally would.
  1. Venting – You have someone that you can share your frustrations with that knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about. 
  1. Connections – You can’t do anything these days without having the proper connections. There are some relationships that could take years to cultivate. With a mentor who has built these relationships, all it takes is one referral. 
  1. The Why and How – It’s one thing to know what to do, but it’s another thing to know why to do it and how to do it. Mentors are great at giving you the purpose behind why you’re doing it, and the instructions on how you should do it.
  1. Forge an invaluable relationship – In today’s world, real bonafide relationships are almost instinct. Having a strong, trusting relationship where you’re able to draw much need strength and wisdom from is invaluable. You should cherish that.
  1. Confidence – The idea that you have someone who you can fall back on if/when you make mistakes, enables a certain degree of confidence and fearlessness. 
  1. Your personal cheerleading squad – Imagine how it feels as the boxer is in the 12th round, and he has coach in the corner yelling, “C’mon, you can do it. Bob and weave.” Those strong passionate burst of instructions gives the boxer the extra oomph he needs to finish the last round. Well that’s the same dynamic in a mentor/mentee relationship.
  1. Benefits for Mentors – As a mentor we gain strength when we find passionate mentees to pour into. We will never run out of wisdom to teach or encouragement to give. We are built to give it out, and when we give it out, it strengthens us. 

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