10 Reasons Why We Should Read Our Bibles


1.  We can learn about God – From a Pastor’s perspective, if people would take time to learn God for themselves, it would give the local church so much depth. Reading the bible is a perfect tool to use in your quest to learn about God.

2.   Reading the Bible shows us how to behave – with all of the cultural influences out there that teaches us to be ratchet (young people word 🙂  ) we really need a sure road map for life to follow which is God’s Word. What if the Atlanta Housewives was our only guide for behavior?????? Yikes.

3.  Reading the Bible helps us discover our next step – Have you ever opened up the bible and started reading for devotional purposes and found the solution to a problem you were deeply disturbed about? Yelp that’s my bible. #proudChristian

4.  Reading the Bible keeps us from sin – Simply put.

5.  Reading the Bible helps us to renew our minds so we can know God’s will – The pressures of life and the craziness of the culture will cloud your mind up. Reading the bible will remove the clutter and focus your mind on what really mattrs.

6.  Reading the Bible allows us to be certain of what God said. The Bible is our final authority.

7.  Reading the Bible allows us to receive the desires of our heart – reading the bible will increase your faith and make you sure of your purpose and God’s Will. This will make you more confident and you will produce with more quality.

8. Reading the Bible is how we learn about the gospel.

9.  Reading the Bible gives us courage – You want to know how I feel after reading passages of scripture that prove God’s love towards me and how potent Faith is when we apply it? Let’s just say it’s a cross between the Incredible Hulk, Superman and Van Halen. A hybrid of Superhero and Rock Star.

10. Reading the Bible helps us to be fruitful – the Word of God is like seeds sown into your heart. The more you read, the more you sow into yourself and the greater your personal harvest.

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