Are You Ready For Success?


Happy Monday guys – I want to share with you one of 3 of many things you are going to have to do to succeed. Many people want success, or they want the fruit of success without wanting to do the work of success. The reality is SUCCESS takes loads of WORK. Success is for the real, you can’t be fake and be successful. Below are 3 areas I want to shine light on.

1. Shed Unnecessary Weight

The first thing you need to do is do a serous life introspection. What weights are you carrying around? It’s time to restructure you life for ultimate expansion. You have to look at your life and those connected to it and see if there is anything that isn’t flexible, buoyant, or will serve as a distraction. Who or whatever you find in that category you must make the tough decision to cut immediately. If you are not willing to prune your life of what I will call “the unnecessaries” you are not ready for success.

2. Prepare For Rejection

Any person that wants to go against the grain, do it different, break the mold MUST be accustomed to rejection. People tend to reject what they are not use to, it takes them a while to gravitate to different. Until then you have to be ok with walking alone, being the odd ball, and even talked about. Rejection is apart of the scheme of success, it’s necessary and if you can’t take it, success won’t be yours.

3. Invest In Your All

As a pastor I’ve had countless conversations with people who have great aspirations until that aspiration cost them too much. This reminds me of the scripture in Luke 14, it suggest that before any man starts something he should count up the cost of what it will take to complete it. Are you willing to give your all for your dreams? Are you willing to loose to win? If not then you are not ready for success.

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