Are You Ready For More Money?


Money, Money, Money, MONEY. For some, that word remains in the backdrop of their minds. They can’t shake it – the want and/or need for MORE MONEY. I want to propose a question, Are your ready for more money? Let’s put your answer to the test, read the following, then in the comment box below let me know if you are ready or not.

1. Do you manage your emotions?

Now you may say, what does managing my emotions have to do with money? My answer is VERY simple, EVERYTHING! People who are good managers of their money have to be good managers of their emotions. They can’t be so impulsive that they can never stick to a good solid financial plan, neither can they be so fearful to loose money that they never take risk. Now do you see how it works? If you are emotionally unstable, it leaks into your financial management.

2. Do you pay your current bills on time?

Yes – You might be ready No – you are NOT ready

There is no need for discussion here, repeat after me – I – WILL – PAY – MY – BILLS – ON – TIME. Did you say it? Good!

3. Are you a giver

Now you may say, “of course you’re going to raise this issue because you are a pastor and the church survives financially from freewill giving.” To that I say, “yes you are EXACTLY right”, but that isn’t the main and only reason why I’m saying it. Giving is a universal law, not a “church law”. If the farmer takes his seed and sows it into the ground, he gets a return. If the investor gives his money to ACME investment (not a real company – but just go with me here) if he is smart he’ll get a return. The way the universe spins, you can not give something and not get it back (more or greater than how you gave it).

Ok so again I ask, are you ready for MORE MONEY? If you answered yes to the above, than you are on your way to financial increase! Don’t forget to comment below.

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