Are You Ready?


As you know all this week I have been asking you “Are You Ready?”  We discussed your readiness for Success, Promotion, More Money, and Relationships. As I was thinking what would be the next topic, I thought maybe I should write about just being ready.

Ready means: completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action or use:

Life can be quick, move swiftly, before you know it – what was today is just a memory tomorrow. You should never uphold anything in your life out side of the salvation of you soul as a permanent fixture. You should value the present, while expecting better to come at any moment. What I want you to get out of this week’s series of blogs is that it’s time to change your consciousness towards life. Moving forward and getting the best out of life is more than abracadabra. It takes a lot of work, energy, focus and intent.

So today I want you to make a pact with yourself that you will be more intentional about life. Today is the day to start preparing for what’s coming next.

Have a great weekend, and if you get sometime go back over this weeks blogs with meditation!!

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