How to Deal with Crisis?


Are you in a crisis situation and don’t quite know how to cope? I have crafted 3 things you should practice, that might not fix the situation, but it will ease the tension enough for you to make it through it!

  1. Focus on others. Now you may say what does this have to do with helping ME in a crisis situation. Did you know that focusing on others will help take the focus off of your personal distress, allowing you to feel less a victim? At the same time, you may be easing someone else’s pain.
  2. Stay busy. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t displacement, where you are burying your feelings and “acting” as if nothing is wrong. This is about redirecting your focus, to keep you level headed and balanced. Finding something to do besides worrying or stressing will help relieve the pain and can even assist you in finding a proper solution. There have been a lot of times where it took me totally stepping away from an issue to be able to find a proper solution.
  3. Confide in your emotional support group. Now this might not be as deep as it seems. This could mean that group of friends that you can share and bare all to. Or this could mean the women’s group at your church. All and all the very LAST thing you should do when you are going through a crisis is isolate yourself. Having “that group” is necessary for proper coping.

I want to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below!!

One thought on “How to Deal with Crisis?

  1. Pastor just had a chance to read ur blog from yesterday.#2 is my all time solution for any crisis that comes to my address,keep’em coming you are helping Gods people cope with life thru ad ocial media,Bless You!!!

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