Have You Spoken to Yourself Lately?


Hey friends! I have a quick question – Have you spoken to yourself lately? The answer is, yes you have (yes I answered correctly YES you have) That isn’t the real question though, the real question is WHAT have you been saying to yourself? Did you know that most people have automatic negative thoughts that can often be unrecognizable? It’s that small voice in your head that says you can’t before you even know if you really can. You can grow so accustomed to these thoughts that you listen to them without even realizing it.

I don’t have a 3 point solution today (on purpose) I just wanted to take some time to speak life into you. I want you to think better about yourself. Embrace who you are – the good, bad and the ugly. Ok now I know I said I wasn’t going to do 3 points but I just can’t help it so I’ll just do 2! 🙂 Here are 2 things you can do to increase a positive flow of thoughts in your life.

1. Affirmations. You should practice speaking positively to yourself everyday. Over time this will re-educate your mind to think differently about yourself and give you a brighter outlook on life altogether.

2. Celebrate the Small Victories. Set short term goals and be sure to take a moment to celebrate them. Remember the saying “inch by inch life is a cinch – yard by yard life is hard” Take life one step at a time and when you hit a milestone be sure to CELEBRATE!!

It’s time to do be better and do better! Are you with me? Leave your comments below.

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