How To Deal with Untimely Deaths


Today I heard the news that someone near and dear to my family died in a tragic accident. When that happens I have the arduous task of being a mourner and a pastor. People expect me to have all the answers irregardless to what or I how I feel. So I thought it befitting in this moment of personal grief to answer this question: How do you deal with Untimely deaths?

1. Learn to Cope. The reality is sometimes it just takes time. It’s really all about coping and a huge part of that is grieving and allowing yourself to feel the sorrow and sadness and loss.

2. Grief is as Unique as You Are. Here’s what you need to know, and this is VERY important – Everyone grieves differently, so no one else can tell you what your grief will be like, it’s as unique as you.

3. Honor the Memory. Think about the good times you had with that person. How they made you feel when they were around. Instead of focusing on the death alone, think about how they lived their life before death.

I hope this will help you if you are currently in this situation. If you have more ways to deal with untimely deaths please feel free to leave you comments below!

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