The Importance of Having Great Relationships


One of the things that makes life so rewarding, is the people we encounter and build relationships with along the way. Relationships are the foundation of life. A lot of times when God can’t get our attention he uses the closes relationships to us to speak to us. Relationships are the real currency of life. Any sort of relationship, from a simple chat with our daily mail carrier – to the first meeting of our future spouse, can give us either a moment or a lifetime of happiness.

I believe whole-heartedly that you can rise to the top (whatever the top is for you) but without relationships, it isn’t really enjoyed. On the flip side though, it’s imperative to chose the right relationships, because who you hang around determines your ground.

Relationships were meant to fuel you for your destiny. If the people you are hanging with run you low, then you don’t need them. When you leave that group of friends or co-workers you should leave full and ready to conquer the world!

It’s time to evaluate who you have in your life, people that fuel you or drain you. If they fuel you cherish them, if they drain you get rid of them.

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