I wanted to drop a little note with you guys tonight about living what you preach.

This has been a very trying week for me, with the sudden tragic death of a dear family member. It’s in moments like these where we are forced to pull from the reservoir of knowledge we have about our God and ourselves. Challenging times can cause you to act out of character, doubt yourself and doubt God. It will show you what you are made of, if there is hypocrisy, envy, jealousy, unbelief (you name it) in you, challenging times will bring it to the top. The good thing about it is you get the opportunity to stand in front of the mirror of life and receive a clear unbiased assessment of who you really are. After receiving that assessment then you have a choice to make: change or stay the same.

I want to prepare for what’s to come, no man can escape the test of life. Be prepared to stand in front of your mirror and fully accept what you see then CHANGE!


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