The Importance of REST!

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Rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for all ages. It rejuvenates your body and mind, regulates your mood, and is linked to learning and memory function. On the other hand, not getting enough rest can negatively affect your mood, immune system, memory, and stress level.

Here are 3 points on how to get proper rest –

Make time for downtime. Taking this time is especially important when you are feeling stressed and over-burdened, even if it’s only a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

Follow a routine. Rather than waking up and immediately jumping into the day at high-speed, or vice-versa when going to bed, follow a routine that allows you time to transition from one part of the day into the next. For example, consider waking up 30 minutes earlier and take time to become present in the day.

Give your mind a break. Relaxation isn’t only about resting your body—resting your mind is just as important. If you struggle with constantly worrying or stressing about certain concerns, write it down, put the list aside for a few days and then revisit it. Sometimes when we give our mind a break from certain thoughts, we return with greater clarity. Also, consider participating in an activity that requires your full attention, such as playing an intramural team sport. This type of activity can give you a mental break by requiring you to be fully ‘in the moment’ both physically and mentally—leaving little time to think about your to-do list.

I would love to hear from!

What are your tips for proper rest and relaxation?

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