Searching for the Will of God


Are you in search for God’s Will? Now coming from a pastor, what I’m about to say next can be a little shocking. It can be the most nerve wrecking thing you ever do. Wondering is this your voice or God’s voice? Is it just what you want or is it really what God wants? All of these thoughts are flooding your mind from the anxiousness to get it right. Well I want to share with you 3 steps that can possibly assist you in searching out the Will of God. Are you ready? Well Great!

Be obedient to what God has already shown you. The first thing we should do is become obedient to the obvious things, the things we know we should already be doing. These are the commonsense things clearly spelled out in the Bible. For example, we know we should not lie, cheat or steal. We cannot expect God to reveal more to us when we haven’t followed what He has already shown us.

Pray and continually seek God’s wisdom and guidance in everything you do. A Christian is no greater than his prayer life. We should continually pray and ask God to bless and energize each area of our lives. We must commit all rights and control to God with every issue we encounter. Besides asking God for His power, we should continually ask God to give us wisdom and guidance in everything we do.

Rearrange your priorities so your primary motivation is to glorify God. God created us for the purpose of bringing glory to Himself. Our primary goal and focus should be to bring Him glory. Everything we do should center around this. Even “important” things such as witnessing and world evangelism should not be our primary motivation. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, it is much better to do God’s will than to do God’s work.

In short, finding the Will of God is really all about you loosing yourself! Love you guys, we’ll talk tomorrow.

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