Trusting God


As in anything in life, most things are easier said than done. I believe on the onset of trusting God it’s the same way. I want to put emphasis on “on the onset” because trusting God is like a muscle, the easier it is to be used. I want to talk about this today because a lot of us pray, fast, speak in tongues, and some of everything else we can think of to try and coerce God to move for us. The question is do you really trust him? Trusting God is not a external act primarily, it’s internal. It’s a posture that’s taken, and most times has to be reaffirmed at least daily. Now I don’t want you to get me wrong, when I say I’m trusting God, it isn’t always as pretty as it sounds. Sometimes that means, pulling all of my emotions, thoughts, and sometimes deeds into a place of submission. It means at times going against the natural course of things, but do you trust Him? If you do, then you’ll do whatever it takes to remain in that posture of trust. Below are three important truths to have with you at all times when you are in a waiting situation, and ONLY God can bring you out.

  1. God’s Perfect Will is GOOD. I know it can seem like you are all by yourself, and that the entire universe is against you, but the reality is God is watching your every step. All things work together for the good of them that Love the Lord
  2. Worrying Won’t Fix a Thing. When it comes to attracting the wrong things in your life- keep on worrying. If you want the good of God you will have to learn how to channel that automatic negative nagging energy into positive belief and Faith. Yesterday we talked about heightening your expectation and giving God something to work with. He can’t work with your negativity.
  3. Remember God’s History. Has he failed you yet? Well ok then, I need not say more. 🙂

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