Being fast does not matter, but enduring does!


This morning I sent this statement out to those that are a part of my text membership. “Being fast does not matter, but enduring does!” We live in a world where everything has to be done SUPER fast, even if that means harming others or the lost of quality. We have faster internet, faster automobiles, we even have apps that connect us to people faster than ever.

I believe we have taken that same mindset into this Kingdom Race. There is no rush in the Kingdom, God would rather you take your time and learn the lesson then end fast. See in God eyes, he’s trying to get you ready to come back with him. He will send test your way consistently until you have the right insight and character to be Heaven ready. The funny thing about it is you can’t trick God, you can’t cheat on the test. You have to pass, if you want to last!

So breathe, relax and don’t rush through life – take your time, learn the valuable lessons because the kingdom race is about finishing, not speeding!

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