Have You Been Storing Up?


Hold fast to what you have learned – it will be a valuable treasure later as the days get darker.

I have a question. Have you been storing up? No not money or food.

I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you are learning lessons presently that is not meant for now but meant for tomorrow. (figuratively that is) God will allow things to happen to you, a series of events or messages given through conversations, movies, street signs etc. Encoded in the series of events or messages is the wisdom we need for our next testing or trial. The key is that we have to be sensitive enough to the flow of the universe to decode the message from God.

With that being said, if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t have the wisdom to handle chances are you haven’t been paying attention.

So now back to the original question – Have you been storing up? Have you been sensitive enough to discern that a test is coming and everything around you is diligently preparing you for what’s next? I’m reminded of the ants who store up what they need for the winter time, so during the time that the earth stops producing, they’ll have enough to survive off of until the seasons change.

Do you get the parallel? Well I hope so.

I want to hear your thoughts — have you been storing up?

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