Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – Meet’em where they are at!


Hey Family!

Here is the third installment of our conversation on the topic “Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem”. Let me catch you up for those of you who are just coming aboard.

We have been discussing the millennial generation and how if we don’t change our methods and approaches we’ll never reach them like we want to. What worked for us won’t work for them and we have to be ok with that. Not accepting this fact will have you trying to shove a method down someones throat while loosing the mission in the process. The mission can be summed up in one word: REACH.

OK! So are you caught up now? Take the liberty to read Monday and Tuesday’s installment.

Today I want to discuss “Meet’em where they are at”.

Do you have snapchat? Instagram aka (insta), do you periscope and have you downloaded Blab yet? If you haven’t then stop kidding yourself, you are not ready to reach this generation. Well let me change the way I’m asking this question. Have you been fishing in the desert, and snow gliding in the Sahara? Not being open to meeting this generation exactly where they are at is just as ludicrous as my questions about fishing and snow gliding.

Meeting this generation where they are is almost like a safety light for them. It creates an openness and comfortability where they can be themselves.

Have you forsaken the mission, because the method has been challenged?

Talk to your tomorrow! 🙂

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