Oh Boy Do We Have a Problem – The Greatest Blessing


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s conversation – I sure have.

Here is the last point I want to discuss about the millennial generation – WE NEED THEM.

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with the mission that we miss opportunities for reform and change. We miss seasons where it isn’t necessarily time for war, but time to repair, renovate and reinvent. Though not intentional, we can easily loose our relevance as the times change, but we don’t.

It’s then that we need more than ever a fresh voice and perspective. I have seen great institutions fall miserable as they fail to grow and shift with the times. It’s the blockbuster effect. Blockbuster mocked Netflix when it first came out, because of it’s unconventional methods. Well I don’t have to tell the rest of the story, we all know how that turned out. What if Blockbuster would have been open to different? What if they would have liquidated some of their stores, and reinvented their method to cater to those who didn’t want to leave the house to watch their favorite movies.

Have you been blocking new voices because they don’t sound like yours? Has your business, organization, and/or institution been suffering and you don’t know why? Maybe it’s time for a change.

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