How’s Your Fruit? – FaithFULLness


Hey guys we are halfway through the week! Let’s keep on pressing through.

Today I want to talk about FaithFULLness. I put emphases on FULL, because you have to be FULL of faith. See that’s the key, I have heard the term faithful thrown around carelessly a lot. It’s have been used for people who are always available when you call for example the faithful few. It’s more proper to call them the committed few.

The reality is you can be a dependable person, but not faithFULL person (full of faith). I know a lot of people who will come when you call them, but bring their friend negativity Nancy with them. Those people are not faithFULL. So we can deduce this- your attitude determines your true faithfulness. Faithfulness is a position of heart before it’s an outward action.

From an evangelism perspective, you can have perfect attendance and be on the top of your game at your job, but what proves true faithfulness that is a proper representation of Christ is your attitude. In school we use to have attitude check moments where the teacher would say aloud ATTITUDE CHECK and we would have to respond A-OK! I believe every pastor in America need to do this during their next service. 🙂

Let’s even talk about our Faithfulness to God. Do you pray, give, study your word, and come to church weekly without your heart really in it? If that is the case, no matter what anyone tells you, you are not being faithful, you are more than likely being committed to a religious regime.

I want to challenge you today to inspect your heart and find out have you really been faithful or just committed? If you are committed, it shows and those who are reading the billboard of your life are not impressed. They love your commitment, but probably are not interested in your Christ.

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