Getting Ready for the Holiday – The B Word


We were taught as children not to ever ever never use the B word and guess what? I won’t be using “that” word today either.

The B word I will be using is BUDGET!

I want to share with you three things that will take the pain out of the Holiday season! It’s bad enough we are going to be eating over our fair share of food – let’s not gain the pounds and loose the money. I decree that not only will our bellies get fat, but this year our wallets will stay fat!  🙂

Set Your Budget. This is something that is best to be done now, versus later. Get a jumpstart now, so that you don’t mistake up on a sale next weekend and throw yourself off.  🙂  A lot of times, if we are proactive in setting a budget we are more likely to follow it. Knowing your spending goals long beforehand will help you stay on track financially as the season heats up.

Get Creative. One great way to save money and impress friends and family is to get creative. Store-bought gifts are great, but homemade gifts are often more meaningful and most recipients truly appreciate your time and effort. This is a good way to test your discipline. Can you forgo the rush of swiping your plastic to impress your family and friends and give something that is cheap, but more thoughtful?

Purchase Family gifts. Instead of getting your nieces, nephews, brother-in-law and favorite sister individual gifts – this year get a family gift. This will save you ton loads of money, and your not-so-favorite sister won’t get jealous this year!

I hope you enjoyed the humor, but most of all receive the lesson. This year let’s do it different, that way we won’t have any regrets when January comes in.

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