The Daddy and His Daughter


I recently read an article where a newlywed daughter gave her father a certificate of purity that her hymen was still in tact signifying that she kept her virginity as promised to her father when she was 13 years old. What a statement of commitment in 2015!

In spite of this piece of positivity, it amazes me that there are still some negative comments surrounding this ordeal. People are saying that it’s a sexist move being that the groom couldn’t prove his virginity, others saying it too extreme. Here’s what I say and want to lift that in my opinion is more precious than the certificate itself – the bond between the father and the daughter. I don’t see in this story as much of a commitment to the groom to present herself as chaste as I see a commitment to her father that was reinforced by relationship and bonding. As fathers, I believe we forget that we are the first man our daughters will ever have real intimate relationship with. Your touch and energy of love will guide her when you can’t be there to steer in the right direction or give your wisdom. All other male relationships in her life will be judged by the relationship she has with you. Do you know what gives me the right to say this? The relationship I have with my daughter – I love her! We travel, have random breakfast and dinner dates, love visiting arcades and are headed to the opera in Chicago in December. This is the energy of kindness, care, and concern that I give her now that will protect her when she is in danger, shelter her when she far a way, and guide her when she needs direction.

If you are reading this and you are a father, be there for your daughter. Show them by example what it means to be a man, your actions will engrave itself in their conscious and will impact their lives forever.

This blog is dedicated to my daughter Tyra – LOVE YOU!

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