Got Directions?


What sense does it make to go on a trip, but not know how to get to the destination. You’ll spend so much time and energy stopping to ask for directions, hoping that the directions received are accurate. You are more likely to spend more of your resources filling up your car with gas from getting lost. How to prevent all of this is to make sure you get the proper directions before you start the journey.

Let’s bring a parallel to our lives, we are on a journey. Everyday we are getting closer and closer to our destination. We are not guaranteed success on this journey, as a matter of fact we are only promised the moment at hand and that’s it. Seems gruesome doesn’t it? Well it is! The thing that makes this journey not only doable, but joyous is when you know the destination. No matter what happens in the beginning of the journey or during the journey, if I’m connected to getting to my destination I don’t allow anything good, bad or indifferent to bother me.

What I’m concerned about is the many people that I run into on a daily basis who are on this journey called life, but have no direction. They don’t know who they are or what they are. They handle life by the seat of their pants with no real expectations out of life. This is such a travesty! Having no direction in life causes life cycles, always going around the same mountain. 10 steps forward 15 backward. Let me say this for you just in case you haven’t said it for yourself yet –  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

See when you know where you’re going in life, you don’t see traffic jams, detours, pit stops as a bad thing – they are a good thing and it works for your ultimate good. Today I want to encourage you to pump the brakes! Don’t go another step, begin to ask God for life direction. Ask Him the hard questions like what was the reason why your mom met your dad. Why out of all the people he could have chosen he chose you. After you receive the answers, you’ll find the ride more smoother!

Enjoy the balance of your week and have a GREAT weekend.

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