Telling the Truth


Happy Monday! There is a big difference between saying something and doing something. The sad truth is that there are more people talking then doing. Due to this being a norm, truth has been watered down to subjective facts at best. Worse than that, truth tellers are not only becoming extinct, but those that are still among us are not on the top 10 most popular.

The fact is it’s easier to live a lie than tell the truth. Reason being is the truth teller has to have his affairs in line with the truth he is telling. If he doesn’t the universe has a way of exposing him for the liar his is.

Telling the truth also will cause you to be set against the crowd – the crowd loves for you to tickle their ears and give them what they want to hear. They are not interested in having uncomfortable conversations that will bring to light their shame, hurt, or embarrassment. So the person who waters down their truth to a nice, palatable message that makes everyone happy is more likely to be favored more than a truth teller.

Telling the truth means you are one with your own truth. It’s easier to face everyone else versus facing yourself. The bible says it like this, It’s easier to get the splinter out of your neighbor’s eye vs pulling the beam out of yours! The way to the truth is through ourselves, we must be accustomed to looking inward and seeing the good, bad, and the ugly of our lives. Accepting what we see, and working on what we have the power to change gives us the true right to be a truth teller.

This week I want to challenge you, will you resist the temptation to be weak or will your rise to your strength and be a truth teller.

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