Are You Teachable?

are you teachable

Did you know that when God wants to get something to you he typically will choose a man to get it to you. You should really stop for a second and give that some serious thought. The way humankind is and we all seemingly have a blatant innate disrespect for each other, we should really take a moment and think, did I push a way my called ordained blessing from God because he or she didn’t look like what I imagined my miracle to be?

To further that point, did you know that God gives us teachers and mentors to help us in our life journey? Don’t misunderstand me I’m not talking about the Pastor who you carry all of your spiritual questions to, but I’m talking about God has placed people in our lives that is suppose to upgrade our lives comprehensively.

The question is – Are you teachable? Are you postured that God can get to you by way of people? Or are you guarded closed and not approachable.

I know a lot of us have experienced a lot of disappointment in our life and we have learned to shut everybody out. Know this – shutting people out is shutting God out. Today I want to challenge you to heal so you can be helped!

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