You Will End at the Right Place at the Right Time.


Have you ever been traveling to a place you have never been before, and though you are following the GPS and/or given directions to the “T” you are still slightly worried if you are going in the right direction? I have experienced that, and only when you arrive to the proper destination do you at ease, knowing that you were going in the right direction the entire time.

Life can be like that, especially because this life journey that we’re on can offer us some unexpected twist and turns that can seemingly be unfavorable. We ultimate have to trust the maker, our eternal and internal GPS (God Positioning System) that no matter what path he leads us down we will ultimately end up at the right place and at the right time.

The variable in this equation that can throw the whole scenario off track isn’t the GPS or the roads He leads you on. The shaky variable is us, will we trust God wherever he leads? Or will we, out of fear, ignore the turn by turn directions and find our own route? See God’s plans for us our super abundantly good, even what appears to be bad for the Christian is actually working good in us. Here’s a truth that I want you to consider today: You can’t have God in a situation and not have good. God and good are synonymous.

Which driver are you on this journey? Are you the type that will trust the direction regardless? Or are you the type that will trust the GPS (God Positioning System)?

I want to encourage you today, You Will End at the Right Place at the Right time. Don’t burn unnecessary energy (fuel) worrying about where you are, as long as you know whose you are, you should KNOW that God is going to bring good into your life and your end will be PERFECT!

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