Your Greatest Investment


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Ok now lets get to business! If you are anything like me you give a lot of yourself to people, probably more than you should actually. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to see a life changed by the work of these feeble hands. The downside to that is one can get so caught up into giving to others that they loose focus of their biggest asset- SELF. Let me ask you a question – if there was no you, how many lives would be effected by your work? See therein lies the problem, if you are in any type of leadership position reading this please listen closely: YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN! Can I go further? You can only help people at the level of your true capacity. Yes, this is true, you can ONLY help people at the level of your true capacity. So if you think you can run yourself low while simultaneously helping the people – you’re not! Well let me say it like this, you are not being as effective as you think you are.

Now I understand that all of us are very busy and don’t have the time on our slates to fit in a 7 day vacation on the islands. You can though, plan daily moments of silence where you clear your mind and distress, read a non-work related book, start a hobby that can easily fit into your routine. Anything is better than nothing.

It’s time to stop these destructive habits and understand that you are your greatest investment and if you don’t make any deposit into yourself, what you giving others has no real value.

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