Have you lost the way?


One of the ways I’ve used this platform of blogging is to really empower the reader to help themselves. I am a subscriber that there is a higher being that governs the entire universe, but I’m not a subscriber to the ideal that we are powerless. You should know, really really know that you are the only player when it comes to your happiness and success. There is no one, even God who can do anything for you that you are not willing to do for yourself. Within yourself lies all the answers to fix every answer in your life. Let me say it again, “Within yourself lies all the answers to fix every problem.” Let me say it like this: You are your own way.

So let me ask you this, “Have you lost your way?”

A lot of times we end up making the same mistakes over and over again because we are so disconnected with ourselves. We are so unhappy with who we are and why we are that we would rather look for solution on the outside of us vs. the inside. Looking at the inside means that we are left without excuses or anyone to blame for the condition of our lives. 100% of the responsibility falls on you. Searching for solution on the outside means that there is always the opportunity to blame someone or something.

Don’t bankrupt your soul anymore, take on the rancorous task of looking inwardly and finding the answers to all of your questions. You’ll find that what seemed difficult to do at first turned out to be your biggest blessing!

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