Blocked or Clogged


There are a lot of people out there that are struggling to get their idea off the ground or just simply tying to gain some momentum in the new project they are working on.

It’s important that we learn to identify what is holding us up from progression, so I want to know or you being blocked or clogged.

Though both “clog” and “block” mean to interfere with the movement, activity, or progress of something. “Clog” usually implies a slowing down by something extraneous or encumbering (food clogging the kitchen sink; a court system clogged by frivolous suits). “Block” implies complete obstruction to passage or progress (a landslide that blocked the road; heavy cholesterol deposits blocking his arteries).

You get it? One stops progression altogether and the other slows down the progression. Interesting enough if you don’t deal with a clog, sooner or later it can become a complete block.

The Clog

So how did this happen? How did your flow loose its momentum? Let’s look at how a sink gets clogged. Typically hair, debris and things that should have easily have gone down the drain gets stuck and it attaches itself to other objects that is going down the drain and over time there is a build up. So in other words, a clog can come from poor maintenance. You can’t prevent certain items from going down the drain as you are using the sink, but you can periodically clean the pipes to free them from unwanted obstructions. See when you fail to perform maintenance on yourself, whether that is in the form of resting, thinking positive, forgiving others etc. You run the risk of your flow being obstructed by unwanted life debris. The only way to get your flow back is to stop and perform proper maintenance!

The Block

This is a little more of a serious condition. When your flow is blocked there is something in place that is not allowing ANY flow at all. Most times this is past a self-maintenance issue and you need to call the professionals to come fix the problem. If you are at a blocked place in your life, don’t try to fix it yourself – seek out professionals. A mentor, your pastor, a trusted advisor knows EXACTLY how to remove the blockage so you can experience MAXIUM flow!

Which are you? No one should live through life not flowing at 100%. Life is too short for that. Hope this helped you – have a great weekend.

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