Life Questions?? Part 2


Happy Thanksgiving Eve for those of you who celebrate the American Holiday! For those of you who don’t Happy Wednesday to you just the same.

Have you ever looked at a person and their actions and wondered, What are they thinking? Don’t they know that the consequences for those actions will yield a series of events that will affect them for a lifetime? People are so now driven, that they forget that they have their lives to consider. As a society we tend to get so emotionally driven that our intellect or better yet our good common sense goes down the drain. I’ve seen people get caught up in the moment and have unprotected sex with a casual acquaintance recently met, now they have created a life together and are connected to each other for a “lifetime”. I’ve heard of stories of folks being curious about drugs, got high once and now battle addiction which controls their entire life to this day.

I always have to ask these people, What Were You Thinking? Typically they don’t have a proper response, as if their thinking was hijacked and they were totally not in control. Now knowing what I know about life, I believe that is true. To that point, I need to uplift the power of thought. Good ole’ fashioned rational thought. – it’s extinct –

We need to employ thought back into our lives, our minds have gone dull through over sensationalized stimuli such as social media, TV, games, movies, sweets etc that we are loosing our minds LITERALLY. Before we know it, we have found ourselves making financial, relationship, and/or career decisions that go in the exact opposite direction we intended.

I want to challenge you today to recapture your thoughts, find a good book to read or a good mental game to sharpen yourself. Thinking or the lack thereof can change the direction of your entire life.

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