Life Questions?? Part 3

man with question mark painted on a wall

Hey guys, I hope you have been enjoying my Life Questions series. Hopefully you have been challenged to ask yourself those important questions that at times can shake your soul.

I have another question for you, Who told you it was impossible? As a community leader I often times hear very sad stories of people who had a dream to be this or that, but was told as a young child you can’t do that. Or even they feel they are too young to accomplish that dream. No matter how you received the futuristic damning news, I just want you know – IT’S NOT ACCURATE!!!! It’s simply not the truth at all, well let me take that back. It IS accurate and true if you believe it is. Yes, you heard me correctly, you empower your own future by where you put the energy of your belief.

Yes so the question, Who told you it was impossible? You did. When people tell you things that are opposite from what you believe, and you receive it, then you are the one that told you it was impossible. We have to learn how to take responsible for our lives. Being that we can’t control what people say to us, we have to be diligent in controlling what we let in our lives.

I want to challenge you as we are crossing over to the next year, never let anyone determine  your wealth, health and future. When people say negative things to you, don’t let their words in. Set your future and harshly go after it.


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