Have You Discerned the People in Your Life?


Hello folks, I hope that so far your week has served you well.

I wanted to leave you something to think about:

People are sent into your life by Heaven or Hell, there is no in between. Yes, let that in and understand that when it comes to the reason and motive of every individual it boils down to who sent them. Now before you go excluding certain people from the equation understand that EVERYONE comes in your life for a reason. You meet no one by accident, no matter how random it seems, there are no accidental acquaintances. Let me be more specific: your team members on your job, your supervisor, the particular mailman that runs your route – there is a purpose for every person in your life and it is your job to discern their purpose.

Looking at it in the right perspective might mean that there are people in your life that have what you need and don’t mind getting it to you, but you haven’t been paying attention. You haven’t been combing through your relationships with divinity in mind. That mailman might have a part time job righting grants and can assist you in funding your vision. Do you see now???

Stop what you are doing – look with your other eyes. Discern every relationship, ask God to show you who to draw near to and who to step away from. Relationships in the upcoming season in your life will be the plain that will be used to steer you or detour you!

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