Nothing Last Forever


Hey guys – I hope you are well. I pray your week has given you everything you asked for. If not, no worries everything you need will soon come to you!

I need you to do me a favor, close your eyes and think about everything that’s in your life right now. The good – The Bad – The Ugly. Did you do it? GREAT! Now I have some news for you….are you ready for it? Are you sure?

Five years from now The good – The Bad – The Ugly that you thought about will be totally different. This is why you shouldn’t stress about the bad or be overjoyed about the good. It’s all temporary, you’ve heard me say this  many of times if you been following the blogs over the last year or so. “Wear Life Like a Loose Shirt” Never put anything on that you can’t easily take off. I’m reminded of the hit show, “The Profit” where the host Marcus Lemonis offers at times anywhere between 250,000 to 1 million dollars to save a struggling business from going under. In this deal, he often challenges the owners to make some significant changes for the betterment of the business or he withdraws his offer. I’ve seen business owners drowning in debt nearly loose their lifeline of an offer because they didn’t want to make the “changes” asked of them. I just have to ask a question – Are you like some of the business owners on The Profit? Will you miss an opportunity of an lifetime because you don’t like changes? Another question. Have you missed opportunities of a life time because you don’t like changes?

Listen, if you are going to stay cutting edge and serve the needs of this generation you are going to have to be close friends with change. The reality is this, NOTHING LAST FOREVER. Be ok with that, for those who believe there is no change that doesn’t work in our favor!

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