Strength in Weakness

Girls can do anything!

If you didn’t know – you should know I have had some very weak times in my life. Sometimes I was able to conquer and press through and other times, well let’s say it didn’t turn out so pretty for me. 🙂

You may ask what’s the difference between the times I failed and the times I succeeded?

I started succeeding through my weaknesses when I started looking for the lessons in a every weak moment. I started capitalizing on the positive vs. sulking in the negative. See what you focus on will expand, if you focus on how it feels or how bad you feel, you will continue to expand that feeling. If you focus on the lesson, you will expand and extract the wisdom needed to never find yourself in the same place again. We have to get in the habit of not being defeated before we are really defeated and newsflash we are NEVER defeated! A lot of times we give up too soon, we speak negative about it before the conclusion. Have you ever thought that just maybe it was going to end well???? Think of it like this, Have you ever misjudged a person because you judged them to fast, to later realize that they weren’t as bad as you originally thought? Exactly! A lot of us do our circumstances like that.

Today I want to challenge you to extract the good out of the bad, seek for the lessons that need to be learned and focus on that. You’ll find yourself winning EVERY TIME!

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