What Have You Learned?


What have you learned in 2015? This year has given us ups and downs, good times and bad. We’ve cried and laughed – very hard to that fact. The one thing that all of these aforementioned emotional moments have in common is this: They all came to teach us something. Those lessons were and even still are being sent to get us ready for what is destined for us in 2016. If you have not learned those lessons, you won’t be prepared for the massive influx of good that is going to come in 2016.

A lot of times we put so much focus on the tree that we forget that there is a complete forest ahead of us. This is how we do with the moments that come in our lives, whether they are good or bad  Рwe put way too much focus on the moment and forget to consider why the moment came  Рwhich is to affect our ENTIRE life. This will have you going through an entire year not really learning nothing. That in itself is a travesty!

Well all is not lost – here is what I want you to do. Take a moment to write down every significant moment you can remember on a sheet of paper. Then under each moment write down every lesson that was learned or suppose to be learned. Meditate over that list for the next 4 days and ask God to open your eyes to everything you’ve missed. Remember Jonah made a 3 day journey in one day. Writing and meditation can excel your footsteps and put you on a learning fast track as you prepare for 2016.

Be sure to leave your comments below on how your writing and meditation has gone.

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