Hey guys as I promised, I wanted to share with you about a principle that is highly used in life but gets little recognition. It’s the Principle of the Journey. We are all on a journey, well hopefully we are all on a journey. If you like the way your life is now and don’t want nothing to change this blog isn’t for you. If you died right now and all of your dreams were fulfilled and goals met, this blog isn’t for you. This blog is for the miserable, those who are doing all they can to push to the next level, but find it hard to catch any kind of momentum. This blog is for those of you who have accomplished great things up until now but have this nagging thing in the pit of your belly that says, MORE! YOU MUST DO MORE!

The second description speaks of someone who is on a journey. They are passing through one life experience after the other learning, failing, succeeding, and growing. To sum all those adjectives up, I would like to simply call it EVOLVING! The difference between the life journey and a physical journey where you travel from point A to point B is your life journey will never end. There is never an end destination, as long as there is breath in your body you will always be on a journey. Do you understand that? If you have some sort of idea that one day you are going to “make it” you have it ALL wrong UNLESS you are willing to stop evolving. At the moment you are ready to stop evolving, at that very spot is your end destination.

So let’s get back to the original question What’s Happening When “IT” Doesn’t Happen. So you are waiting on a promise, you are waiting on THAT breakthrough and you just don’t understand what is going on??? Well I want to share with you my answer. Be encouraged, you are simply on a journey. Everyday you wake up, you are closer than you were before you went to sleep. Everyday is a learning experience and you are getting wiser and wiser. God is preparing your personality and your character and getting you prepared for that blessing. If you get it now, you won’t be prepared for the magnitude of it and liable to loose it. So he is tempering you with experiences, so don’t ever think that nothing is happening. God is fervently working on you to get you to that perfect place and when your character and personality arrive there THAT blessing will come.

p.s. When that blessing comes, don’t get too comfortable. In just a moment, you’ll be on the next journey evolving, growing and preparing for the next journey.

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