Good day folks! I want to share a quick thought with you to help you navigate through this period in your life. If you are following me on FB and/or twitter I will be posting about this subject as well. I want to talk to you about STRATEGY!

Moving forward you MUST strategize. Every ounce of your energy must be accounted for and dispersed properly. There is no time to waste on faulty relationships, mismanagement of money, or bad business deals. You have to do as Paul expressed he did in 1 Corinthians 9:26 – So I run like someone who has a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something, not just the air. Here Paul is saying, I’m just not going through the motions, but every move is executed with precision as I am progressively moving towards my goals.

Before I finish this blog let me say this. I believe for those who are diligently working towards a goal and/or a project, you are going to far exceed your expectation! After all there is no need of starting something if you don’t plan on finishing strong, right? So let’s get the idea of failure out of our minds. Now that we got that out of the way, if you haven’t properly strategized take a moment (or as many moments as necessary) to do so now! Strategizing will save you energy, time, money and will serve as a reliable road map if you get lost mid journey!


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