Perception – How are you looking at it?

Half-empty glass

Today I want to talk about perception. Have you ever seen the perception images on the internet where one person looks at a glass and they are very positive because they see it half full and then they show the other person they are sad because they see the glass half empty? It’s a great example of your perception, how information is filtered through your senses to draw conclusions.

It’s time to heighten your senses, if you do you will perceive that good is in everything and is everywhere. Yes the good is everywhere. I have gone through some horrible things in my life, things that I just thought there was no way to recover from. I then get a revelation, or rather I was able to perceive the wisdom in my situation and realize this was never meant to harm me it was only meant to make me better. The situation I was in didn’t change, but my perception of the situation did.

Life is going to be life. You are going to have experience after experience of the proverbial good, bad, and ugly until Jesus returns or death, whichever comes first. So if we’re clear that you can’t change life, the next thing to change is how you view life. Will you view it as the glass being half empty or will you view it as the glass being half full?

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